A bulletin board (BBS) software system now owned by telegrafix. Searchlight (or slbbs) was especially popular in my hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand for reasons never truly explained. Searchlight's final release was February 6, 1999.

"Searchlight BBS is a character-based online service for Windows or MS-DOS operating platforms. Searchlight supports two distinct connectivity options (via direct-dial over modems, or over the Internet via Telnet) and three types of character-based terminals (TTY, ANSI, and RIP). It can support multiple simultaneous connections and comes in Single, Three, Ten, and Unlimited line licenses."

Searchlight BBS was famous among sysops for it's bright yellow box. Aaah, the bright yellow box.

But no more -- for alas, the tale endeth: "no further versions of Searchlight BBS are planned. Searchlight BBS has enjoyed an exceptionally long life for a software product (over 10 years), but the emergence of the Internet and the Web has rendered it impractical for us to continue developing a commercial BBS system".

quiet sobs...