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Never eat anything bigger than your head.
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I am David Talmage, a DWM from Northern Virginia. I am an amateur photographer and an avid bicyclist.

In August, 1999, I rode my bike from Northern Virginia to Corolla, NC, on the Outer Banks. It took me five days to cover about 280 miles. In June, 2000, I participated in the Washington DC AIDS Ride, a 330-mile, 4-day journey from Raleigh, NC, to Washington, DC. I rode all but 50 miles of it.

I recently had an old bike converted into a one-speed. I now commute to work on it. I'm contemplating attempting a century ride on it. "It seemed like a good idea at the time."

In a previous life, I studied computational linguistics. I work as one of many alpha geeks for a research organization in Greater Washingon.

When I am not working, I ride my bikes, play with my cats Otis and Leroy, and play board games with my friends. My favorite games are Settlers of Catan, Ra, Modern Art, Give Me the Brain, and Magic: the Gathering.