Late in the summer of 2000, Biskit and I went with my family to San Diego for a week of surfing and partying. One night while walking back to The Surfer from Belmont Park, we came across two guys playing acoustic guitar on their porch in front of the board walk. They were really jammin’, one playing rhythm and the other playing lead and singing. Near the end of the song it hits me how cool they sound, and what a badass song it was (I had never heard it). It just kinda fit how perfect life had been and, made me want to go find another anonymous girl and tell her to “strip down, trip out at this.” At the end of the song after a crazy long break down, they just kinda smiled and picked up their beers (Dos Equis, the best), oblivious to us even being there.

For some reason that stuck with me. Walking away:

Me: Man, that fuckin’ awesome.

Biskit: Yeah.

Me: That song almost sounded like Dave.

Biskit: Dude, that was Dave.

The song was “Say Goodbye.” That was when I made up my mind to myself that someday I would sit in front of the ocean with a friend and play that song while drinking a Dos Equis. That is pretty much when I decided to learn how to play the guitar. If we had walked by, I would have missed the whole thing.