Counting in Malay (Bahasa Melayu) in a lot of ways is more systematic than English. Unfortunately, all of the simple numbers are polysyllabic, which can make the larger numbers a bit of a mouthful.

Zero          Kosong
One           Satu
Two           Dua
Three         Tiga
Four          Empat
Five          Lima
Six           Enam 
Seven         Tujuh
Eight         Lapan
Nine          Sembilan
Ten           Sepuluh ("Se" is a contraction for "One")
Eleven        Sebelas ("belas" is equivalent to "teen")
Twelve        Dua belas
Twenty        Dua puluh ("puluh" = "tens")
Twenty-One    Dua puluh satu
Thirty        Tiga puluh
One Hundred   Seratus ("ratus" = "hundred")
Two Hundred   Dua ratus
Five hundred and thirty six = Lima ratus tiga puluh enam
For simplicity, I've separated the components of the numbers above, but sometimes they are contracted e.g. "Dua belas" may be seen written as "duabelas"