Chapter 3 of The Tale of Genji

The Broom Tree
Summer of Genji's 17th year.

Upset at being rejected, Genji continues his persuit of the married Utsusemi. Her young brother takes pity on him and spirits him into her residence. There he is able to spy on her playing the game of Go with a vivacious friend of hers, Nokiba-No-Ogi.

As Genji is preparing to break in on Utsusemi, she catches the scent of his robes and flees, leaving behind one of her outer robes. He mistakenly enters the chamber of the sleeping Nokiba-No-Ogi. He pretends that it was indeed her that he came to see and makes the best of it before returning home.
Smarting at being foiled once again, he dashes off a poem comparing her discarded robe to a cicada husk (Utsusemi).