I've been using Opera as my main browser now for a couple of weeks (getting tired of Microsoft's increasingly cynical attempts to abuse the ignorance of the average computer user for their corporate greed), and, quite frankly, it rules.

I love its features, like being able to quickly open up an entire folder of bookmarks, to load up URLs in the background with a shift-ctrl-click, and too zoom in and out of pages.

But last night I dreamed it had an even cooler feature: by using the mousewheel, I could move into and out of images. Then, by moving the mouse from side to side, I could change my point of view. It was just like moving about in a first-person shooter game like Quake. Amazingly cool! And I could do this with any photo on any web page!

The one I chose to experiment with was a picture of some kind of primitive village, with colourful mud huts shaped like enormous doocots. I zoomed in behind the one in the foreground, and looked left. There I found a corral holding strange mythical beasts. One looked like a cross between a pig and a horse, low-slung belly with a proud head and mane. There was also an enormous black cow.

I knew I had to fight these creatures, but I didn't know how. As they were released upon me, I ran away and climbed up a tall wall radiator, and broke it loose from its top mountings. I toppled it over onto the beasts, then jumped down on it and crushed them. I felt terribly guilty about doing this, because they were beautiful animals, and I didn't want to harm them.

As they writhed in agony underfoot, their wailing turned into the (real-life) cries of B (our baby), who was just waking up (06:00). He was very, very hungry, and quite unhappy about this condition.