Athena is the name of the 14 issue long comic series by Dean Hsieh. Athena chronicles the adventures of Olympian Greek gods who have since been overthrown by the new generation of gods and "retired" to the future.

Athena---Athena, the star of the series, has retired to Pan Athens(year 2047) where she is the lead singer and guitarist of the struggling punk rock band Serpenteena. Hot-headed and aggressive, Athena has been blessed with superhuman powers that make her the ideal bouncer for her fellow retired god Dionysus' exotic club.

Kallie---Kallie, the bassist for Serpenteena, has no clue about Athena's past. Kallie seems to be slightly attracted to Athena, and is highly sensitive about many issues between them.

Jay---Drummer for Serpenteena, Jay also is unaware of Athena's past. He has a crush on Herma, but does not know how to deal with his feelings for her.

Dionysus---Ex-god of wine, intoxication and promiscuity, it is no surprise that in the future Dionysus has chosen to run an exotic club featuring dancers of all sorts.

Herma---Herma, goddess of bisexuality and androgyny, is an exotic dancer at Dionysus' club. She has feelings for Jay, but realizes that he does not know how to deal with a transvestite such as herself.

Hephaestus---Hephaestus is humble and kind, but finds himself hopelessly attracted to Athena. He is a professor at Pan Athens University where he utilizes his knowledge of sciences.

Emmeleia---The daughter of Apollo and Erato and part of the new generation of gods, Emmeleia is the goddess of the futuristic simwave music. She has fallen in unrequited love with Hephaestus.