A rap group consisting of 9 talented members that started in the early nineties and have still never 'officially' broken up although several of the individual members have gone on to work on their own various projects and collaborations. One such individual you may have heard of is Del the Funkee Homosapien who's early solo album No Need for Alarm I highly recommend, and not just because he lays down his smooth-ass flow over such obscure samples as high-school orchestra violinists playing in all sharps. Del recently released his 3rd solo album Both Sides of the Brain which also kicks ass and features cameo appearances by almost all the original hieroglyphics. All these guys are smooth, innovative and dope but seem to be known only by true followers of hip hop, a group of people alot smaller than you might think.
If intrigued, please check out Hiero's classic 3rd Eye Vision which contains the ingenious line: "Watch your back; things are not what they seem - you'll get washed even if you're way too clean."