Hey, it happens to all of us. When we are half asleep or distracted, we may accidently put things where they don't belong. My man often puts the milk on the shelf and the cereal back in the fridge when he's half asleep in the morning and late for work. If I don't notice this switcheroo by the end of the day, the milk ends up warming on the shelf over night and is bad by the time we discover it the next day.

My affliction is finishing something halfway and then having my task cut short by a distraction like the phone ringing or something, then forgetting completely to finish what I was doing, hence my leaving remnants of the task all over the house. For instance I'll be on my way to the basement to scan a pile of images or do laundry and never quite make it down there because I'll walk past the television on the way and notice the Simpsons are on, or Ezra will cut me off somewhere on the stairs and put a packed bong in my face. Needless to say, clothes and snippets of newspaper may be strewn throughout the house for weeks before I get around to cleaning them up.

Perhaps the funniest instance of this commonality I have experienced to date is something my mother managed to do years ago. She suddenly realized one day that she couldn't find her wallet and tore the house apart searching for it. A week went by and she never found it. She became convinced that it had been stolen, although she couldn't remember how or when, and agonized over how easy of a target she must be. She finally got over it, bought a new one, ordered all new ID cards and got on with her life.
About a month later, while I was fishing through the stockpile of microwave dinners one night, I spotted what looked like her wallet encased in the ice at the bottom of the freezer. Aparently she had been holding it while removing a bag of frozen peas persay, and left it in there somehow. I chisled it out a little, exposing most of it but didn't remove it completley; I thought it more amusing to nonchalantly ask her for some ice later that night and let her discover it for herself.