Aparently, a poll conducted by NBC led them to believe that viewers of daytime television wanted to see the trials and tribulations of 'younger' and 'hipper' people than those provided by the long running Days of Our Lives. This not only resulted in Days shifting to focus more on the pains and pleasures of its more high-school aged characters. It also spawned the ridiculously horrible Passions which eventually replaced Sunset Beach to my dismay.

The town of Harmony seems to be overrun with gorgeous, yet full-of-angst teens and the high school-esque pranks and attitudes you'd expect to go with them. Kept only slightly on the sidelines are the plots involving more adult characters, like the relationship between Sheridan and the unbelievably gorgeous Luis (one of the show's few selling points).

The silly sideplot with Tabitha and her living doll described by psydereal is powered by the most embarassingly bad effects you could imagine; much worse even than that time Marlena's demons were exorcized on Days a few years back.