The song is about drugs. Plain and simple. It can also be summed up clearly by comparing it to the dorm I lived in during my brief time attending University of Iowa. It was called Mayflower; was an hour off campus in the middle of nowhere and each suite included its own kitchen. The dorm became a little world in and of itself, and anyone could find their substance of choice within its walls.

Mayflower is the light on the dark highway; people who chose to 'stop for the night' will likely be greated by a vixen like Sarah Everhart. She had many pretty boys that she calls 'friends' but you or I can call them suppliers just as well. Upon entering the chambers you'll find others 'dancing' in the courtyard. They 'dance' with tin foil, spoons, light bulbs, needles and blades. We all know what that means. Some do it to remember, some to forget.

If you want to join them, you simply call upon the 'captain'. There were a few, but for all practical purposes, THE captain is Erik Clark, the biggest amphetamine dealer in four counties who resides in his little niche in the center of Mayflower surrounded by his meth kitchen and little minnions, never sleeping, never leaving. Wine? Heh ... no, we don't have that spirit. Please.

Mirrors abound. On the ceiling? Whatever, call it what you will. All these drug addicts are prisoners of their own device. They sit up there for nights, days, weeks, stabbing it with their seedy razor blades. None of them can kill this beast.

Once you've checked in to this life, you may try to run back. Please. 'We are programmed to receive' ... it's in the Captain's best interest for this life to seem alluring and fun; we know only how to make it appear so. Once you realize the truth, that it's hell, you're in. If you want to leave, you'll find no help here.
Not even from Corinne, she's all tapped out. That's why she's leaving after only a year.

You can check out any time you want - go through the motions of classes, relationships, maybe even a few real meals now and then. But you'll be back. As long as you're here, you can never leave.