A traditional Swedish sausage, Falukorv originated in the town of Falun in Dalarna. It is quite large - 6 to 8 inches long, 1.5 inches diameter - and has an inedible red skin, which should be removed before cooking.

Chief ingredients are pork (under 50% meat), lard, beef and potato flour, which makes them suitable for gluten free diets. However, at over 20% fat, they are not great from a health point of view.

The faulkorv may be baked whole or sliced thinly (half-inch slices) or more thickly and fried until crispy, but not overdone.

In the UK, they may be obtained in Ikea's Swedish Shop. In the USA, although it is illegal to import them from Sweden, it is possible to find Swedish Style Falukorv in German delicatessens.