Alone with the cats

Today is the first day that my girlfriend has been gone for a whole 24 hours since she moved in a week ago. She has spent a few days at my house, but it seems the psychology of her actually ‘living’ in the house makes the absences seem more substantive. Strange.

I worked till 8:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). I usually am at work at 8:30 am EST, so I put in 12 hours of work. It is standard in my career field. I usually put in 50 to 60 hours a week. Being salary, I do not get overtime. Hopefully, I am getting promoted soon.

I had enough time to stop by the range and squeeze off a few rounds. I have a ‘carry’ or concealed weapons permit and I like to keep my skill up to snuff. I find that weapon arts, like shooting or katana, are relaxing. Politics aside, I also feel safer with my significant other when we are out downtown, if I do have a firearm.

I bid you peace, stormcrow309