Day in the Life of Stormcrow

Spurs is leaving to go to her parent's house in Alabama today. Her new hearing aids are in, and she gets them tomorrow. She is functionally deaf in one ear and partially in the other. It has made for some spectacular arguments. Both of us are improving in our Sign Language Technique. I probably will not see her until Sunday

Spurs and I are researching kayaking. We looked at the local wilderness outfitter store. Ever felt someone actually sleaze up instead of walking up? It was a weird feeling.

I have asked to be mentored, since my concept of an useful reference has been ripped to shreds. Got to love you guys. Experience is a great teacher. Now, could someone put out my hair?

I have been working on a project at work based on On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP). We purchased a Data Mart from a company that has a good working relationship with our organization. And they promptly tried to screw us so we would have to purchase consulting resources. Never believe a consulting company is looking out for your best interests. Well, we are close to being done with writing the Extract, Transform, and Load process. I have been tracking the progress using the sticky notes method of Project Management. (I need to node the sticky notes method. The project manager updates all of his fancy gantt charts every morning by looking at the sticky notes pasted all over my cubical.) I spent most of the day, yesterday, making sure my sticky notes were all up to date, posting new issues, and marking finished ones.

I bid you peace, Stormcrow309