Babybel or more specifically Mini Babybel first introduced me to the idea that "Cheese is fun". The cheese itself is not that exciting (<serious voice>I prefer something more mature now</serious voice>) but as a child, peeling the red wax from around the cheese was so satisfying. I still get a warm feeling when I do it (I put that down to memories of a happy childhood rather than just been a cheese weirdo). And the things that an imaginative child's mind can do with a ball of red wax which soften's nicely in the hands (mostly ending in permanently staining something red – sorry Mum!). Apart from the last bit, everyone was happy – Mother's thought they were giving their kids something wholesome (ignore the fat content!) and the kids had fun.

Now for some boring factual stuff:

Mini Babybel was created in 1977 by a French company – Fromageries Bel and still made there. It's a semi-soft cheese made from cow's milk with 24% fat content. It's vegetarian too.

It comes in the mini style (20g) usually in a "hairnet" multipack. In France you can get a big version!

They've just release a new cheddar flavour too (in the UK).