Constitution Day in Norway, celebrated the 17th of May.

On May 17, 1814, the Norwegian Constitution was signed, giving Norway independence from its 500 year union with Denmark. This constitution came about when, following the Napoleonic War, a defeated Denmark ceded Norway to Sweden without consent of the Norwegian people. This lead to a group of Norwegian delegates, who met in Eidsvoll, to create a constitution creating an independent Norway. The delegates elected Prince Kristian Frederik to be King of Norway. As a result of their action, war with Sweden commenced. After 6 months of hostility, a peace treaty established Norway and Sweden as separate kingdoms under a common monarch, King Charles XIII, who consented to recognize the Constitution of May 17. But the Norwegian people remained unhappy with this arrangement and sought full independence. In 1905 all ties between Norway and Sweden were peacefully dissolved.

Often celebrated by American communities of Norwegian extraction to demonstrate the authenticity of their roots, it is a featured celebration in Ballard, Washington; Hendricks, Minnesota; and Stoughton, Wisconsin.