A pool accessory. Funoodles are cylindrical lengths of flexible foam rubber about a meter-and-a-half long and 20 centimeters in diameter. They float just enough to let an adult relax, adrift in the deep end, just don't bang your head on the diving board.

As an adolescent male, my friends and I discovered that we could have Funoodle fights. We would beat each other mercilessly with these things. The frustration was that they didn't hurt at all. You could whip away at someone for an entire afternoon and never leave a mark, just some mild stinging. There was an exception. A single Funoodle found its way into my friend's collection. It was of a different texture than the others, and of a color not in the usual gamut. One suspects a cheap, non-Funoodle(tm), knock-off. Anyhow, this Phunoodle would absorb water like a kitchen sponge. Once moving, it was an inexorable force. A toddler could knock over a horse with this thing, it's just a matter of building up the inertia!

I recently came across some Funoodle accessories (pool meta-accessories?). One kit provided a way to thread Funoodles through a bit of fabric, creating a floating lounge. There is also a set of Funoodle joints and connectors that allow 'noodles to be used as Tinkertoys.