Ahh honeycomb

This is the stuff of childhood memories. In Australia it is widely consumed in a confection known as Violet Crumble. In other areas it is known as hokey pokey. If you still don't get my meaning, it is a light as air, crispy confection that has been given the puff of life by bicarbonate of soda.

This kids' confection has been given an adult lift by the addition of pistachio nuts, but you could substitute any type of nut, or leave them out entirely.

The sweet application for honeycomb is endless. It makes a wonderful scatter garnish for ice cream and cakes, and it provides a nice base for dessert garnishes, such as a quenelle of cream to stop them slipping around the plate. Oh, and don't forget, it is seriously yummy to eat on its own.


  • 160 gm (5 1/2 oz) caster sugar
  • 90 gm ( 3 oz) honey
  • 30 ml (1 fl oz) water
  • 10 gm (1/3 oz) bicarbonate of soda (AKA baking soda)
  • 50 gm (2 oz) pistachio nuts, shelled and chopped
  • Method

    Place the sugar, honey and water into a large heavy-based saucepan. Choose the largest you have as this stuff puffs up a lot. Bring to the boil. Have a large sheet of non-stick cooking paper ready on a work bench. When the honey mix starts to turn to caramel and is a deep golden colour, add the pistachios, then the bicarbonate and whisk well. The mixture will turn alarmingly opaque and treble in size. Pour onto the non-stick paper. Allow to cool completely. This will take 15 - 20 minutes.

    Once cool, snap into edible sizes and either store in the refrigerator or eat with abandon.