After reading e2 Lag Reduction Suggestions for Noders in my morning E2 daily report, a thought hit me:

Not everything needs a page generated.
The thing that caused me to think of this was my soft-linker script. It doesn't need that page generation to happen -- just a nice, simple softlink to be generated. (It's nice to be able to know whether or not a given link exists, but that's just topping)

Is there any way to cause this to happen? The XML interface helps some things, but it doesn't cover all areas. It also occured to me that for the few other areas where the HTML interface is unavoidable, it would be nice to pass a parameter to turn nodelets off, or somesuch.

nate sez: That's a good point. I've created the node null page to accomodate bots 'n' stuff which want to post information to the server, but don't need a page back. To use, include "displaytype=null" in your query string, and the server will return a "1" rather than a page.