The Suitcase Piano

The first real full size piano by Fender Rhodes, the Suitcase Piano was introduced in the mid-sixties. It was a 73-note keyboard. The 88-note model was not released until 1970, the same year as the Stage Piano was introduced.

The Suitcase Pianos are equipped with a cabinet of speakers and a pre-amp, which is placed under the keyboard. Some versions also have a tremolo circuit. The Suitcase piano can also be connected to an external amp instead of the included one.

The first Suitcase pianos released had a range of different colours. Covers in red, golden and silver etc. Later versions have the black top covers. Earlier models had felt hammer action (like standard upright or grand pianos). Later models included hammers with tips in Neoprene. The cabinet part with amp/speakers was also developed over the years. In 1979 the Suitcase model was released in a Mark II version, with the famous "flat top".