A board game published by Steve Jackson Games, OGRE/GEV is a game of futuristic ground combat. The backstory assumes radical developments in armor and artificial intelligence such that very big computer-controlled tanks possessing enormous power are invented, called Ogres. These behemoths require railguns or tactical nuclear devices to be used in order to so much as scratch the paint job.

The game itself is a hex-map-based wargame, although miniature-based rules do exist. The gameplay is quite simple and easy compared to the complex simulations typical of the genre. It is actually two previous games combined:

OGRE involves a single Ogre cybertank attacking a command post in a blasted, barren warzone. One player controls the Ogre, whereas the other fields a certain point value of normal armor and battlesuited infantry units.

GEV concentrate on these normal vehicles exclusively, and adds a few units. The GEVs are hovertanks, which are weaker than traditional treaded tanks but much more manuverable, with the ability to move in, attack, and retreat in one turn. It also uses more traditional maps of terrain, with rules for that terrain.

An expansion for OGRE/GEV is available by the name of Shockwave. This adds superheavy tanks that are almost small Ogres, laser turrets, cruise missiles, and special varieties of standard units, as well as a bunch of new scenarios.