I went to DisneyWorld with my best friend. She was very excited at the prospect of showing me around, since she worked there.

We saw all of the sights, visited all of the amusement rides that we could that day, and then we went in search of souvenirs to mark the occasion.

The first shop that we went in to had a lot of kid's items, toys, lollipops, that sort of thing. I was really more looking for a T-shirt, or a sweatshirt, especially since it was February, and night was falling fast.

The second shop was more adult, and had less toys and more clothing. I found a Disney villain sweatshirt with Maleficent on it, quickly decided it was ME and took it to the counter to purchase.

The clerk rang up the shirt, and I handed him my credit card. He swiped the card, waited for the charge to go through, handed me a paper to sign, all the while still holding on to the card. I signed on the dotted line and passed the paper back to him. He then proceeded to check the signature on the card against the one on the sales slip.

"This card isn't signed," he said to me.

"Hand it back, and I will sign it." I said, exasperated, and ready to go.

I signed the card, and handed it back over to him. He proceeded to compare the signature on the card to the one on the signed sales slip.

Then he said, I kid you not-"These signatures don't match." What a moron! He had just watched me sign BOTH of those things! When I reminded him of that, he told me that Disney policy was that when signatures don't match on sales slips and cards, they must call a manager on duty.

Do I have to even mention that there WAS no manager on duty at that store? So, he called the store next to theirs to send their manager over.

I finally managed to convince the manager that his cashier was just a moron, a concept with which he fully concurred.

I really want to go to DisneyWorld again one day, but if I do, I'm bringing a financial advisor, and 3 forms of proper identification. Sigh.