I can think of many technical solutions to social problems, but I doubt they'll catch on:

Bad Drivers - mount paint guns on cars so that you can mark the car that cuts you off or does some other fool thing. Then, when you see a car that has been marked many times, you can ease back and give the idiots room.

People who vote without knowning anything about the issues - the voting machine requires you to answer some simple questions about the positions and background of a candidate before you're allowed to vote for them.

Telemarketers - require all phones used for the purpose of telemarketing to send out the caller ID "Fucking Telemarketer".

People who don't turn off their cell phones at the movies - remind them to turn them off by sending a recorded call to every cell phone that passes the ticket-taker (by listening for the signals between the phone and its cell).

I could go on and on... but I you're probably tired of this by now and will start responding with ways to eliminate the social problem of "people noding their smart-assed bullshit"