A private day and boarding school for boys located on the western slope of Missionary Ridge in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Well-regarded school, non-denominational Christian emphasis (but not so much so as to turn off the non-churchgoing - it's more like an undercurrent - but if you come from a heavily churchy family, you'll be good to go).

Famous former students: Howard Baker, Ted Turner, and one they don't make a point of claiming, Pat Robertson.

Has perhaps too good of a sports program - recently completed an awesome athletic center that trumps that of many colleges whereas the Music Department has been in the same little floor of a building for about 25 years. Tends to have a kickass cross-country team, even if only because even the flabbiest kid in school has to slog up and down a campus and buildings that are set on the side of a steep hill.

Normal dress code is dress shirts and pants with a tie. Typically devolves into a certain kind of semi-shabby "look" that's easy to spot.

McCallie kids have a bit of a reputation as snobs, but fact is, they're as wide-ranging as kids can be.