If you choose to subscribe to the views of Jerome P. Kassirer, M.D. and Marcia Angell, M.D., you are quite likely to remain overweight. You may even feel happier that a doctor has validated your situation.

I consider their standpoint to be a load of hogwash. Doctors are not infallible. Not so long ago they used to prescribe bloodletting for just about all ailments.

If you consistently eat a low-fat, low-sugar diet and exercise regularly for the rest of your life, explain to me how you will gain weight?

I have two points to make here.

The reason people gain weight back after dieting is more likely to be a psychological problem than a biological one. Evidence: the quick fix solutions such as diet pills and liposuction mentioned in the above writeup. These approaches are simply attempts to deal with the effect without changing the cause.

If you simply attempt to remove the outcome you are attempting to change the effect. To be successful you must change the cause. The cause that needs dealing with is not overeating, it's one step below that - what causes you to overeat?

The approach taken needs some modification in most peoples' cases.

If you only diet because you want to STOP being fat, LOSE weight, and DENY yourself food you really want to eat you are trying to create PAIN for yourself in life.

How often and how long will you continue to do something that causes you pain?

If you decide instead to START being more healthy, BEGIN to create better fitness with your body and ALLOW yourself the pleasure of feeling lighter, healthier and happier than ever before you may just succeed.

I'm not saying fat people are unattractive, nor that we should all strive to be fitness fanatics. Different strokes.