I think the first goal of any geek trying to lose weight or improve muscle tone should be to stop guzzling Coca Cola and Pringles all day long.

Let me qualify that. I work in an evironment that requires people to work in shifts. In other words, I am surrounded by individuals who for some reason (probably financial) like to sit up all night and monitor computers.

The diet of a number of these people consists of pizza, McDonald's, soft drinks and cigarettes. Before you go all out and start pumping iron, you need to be aware that what you fuel your body with will have an impact on your energy levels.

Feel like a lethargic blob all the time? Try eating fruit instead of Big Macs, drink water instead of Coke. Cutting fat from your diet is not enough, you need to be wary of your sugar intake.

I've lost around 10 kilograms in the last two months or so without even trying simply by making this simple change in my diet. I only slightly altered my exercise program of martial arts and running.