Not to mention that now that the exchange rate of the Australian Dollar is so poor (or good, if you're not an Aussie), a number of "Hollywood" films are being shot in Australia as it becomes cheaper to do so.

The Matrix was filmed in Sydney using a number of Australian Actors - most notably Hugo Weaving. The sequel is being filmed in Sydney as well.

Holy Smoke was shot in Australia, and I believe that quite a few parts of Star Wars 2: Attack of the Clones are being done here as well. Then there's Moulin Rouge...

Other notable Australian films include Two Hands starring Heath Ledger, Strictly Ballroom, All Men Are Liars, The Heartbreak Kid, Dead Calm... The list goes on.

Unfortunately I've noticed that a number of Australians regard anything which is "an Australian film" as dull or a bit "too artsy". This is probably because there are a lot of fantastic films (usually ones which star Noah Taylor) which lack the multi-million dollar budget of Hollywood films. This is a pity because if you shun Australian films, you'd also miss out on Death in Brunswick.

And Crocodile Dundee II, although I don't think too many would mind that one.

You can't miss The Castle, though. That film is going straight to the pool room.