Today was a very good day. I was rejected from the law school at my own university (UF).

But hold up... I'm really not complaining. See, I only had one real reason to go to UF: money. Since I live in Florida, it would be cheap for me to go there: only $6,000 a year in tuition, as opposed to upwards of $20,000 if I go elsewhere.

Aesthetically, I can't stand the place. It was built during the 1960's, and the inside looks like an underground nuclear survival bunker. The hallways are red brick in the classroom areas and refrigerator white in the faculty office floors, and the furniture comes from the same prehistoric school of architecture that furnished the United Nations. The lecture halls are cream-colored, ancient green chalkboards turning white as the walls turn green, and I swear that before long the place will just be a giant pile of moss growing in the swampy Floridian air.

I got a scholarship to Temple University, the sort of campus I can actually imagine attending. It's in a bigass Northeastern city, there's an entire campus in Tokyo, I can take public transportation to class and back, and (best of all) one of the first girls I fell for is going to be there as well. But although I have a scholarship, I still have to finance my way through it.

This got me worrying. My parents talked me out of escaping Florida three years ago, when I was choosing an undergrad college. I was accepted at USC and I had good feelings about the place, but my family wouldn't let me take out student loans just to get a bachelor's degree. And looking at a possible choice between Temple and UF (plus whatever top-tier schools, if any, I slip into in the future), I feared that the same thing would happen again.

So anyway, tonight, I feel good. There's a future out there. It's a future that doesn't suck. Frankly, I find a non-shitty future to be quite appealing. Now, all I have to do is trudge through a few more weeks of bullshit... here's hoping my luck stays up!