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What a woman.

I've been attempting this writeup for the past few days, but I've stopped myself in the process. The problem is it seems so taboo; and it is. However, this is my daylog, and we do have the right to write about our lives here. Without further ado, here's what I have to say:

I turned 19 on August 3, 2004, and on August 4, 2004 I went online, just for the heck of it, and joined a Fitness and Health channel. The funny thing is, while I've been in AOL Chatrooms before (and they're no big thing to speak of) I've never been in the Health chatroom. I went with the intention of finding someone older, more mature than people my age, to speak to.

Why was I looking for someone older? Well, in the past, I've spoken to females that were younger, the same age, and older than me. I've held conversations with the ones that were several years older than me, much longer, than I have for the ones that were my age or younger. Why? I don't know, it could be the kind of people I'm choosing to talk to (although I really don't pick and choose much). Older, more mature women are just far more interesting to talk to for me. I enjoy speaking with them, I'm not talking about online chatter, I mean a phone conversation.

I met this lady in the health chatroom. She tells me now that when I initially told her I was 19, she kinda cringed, thinking I was just another teen boy with a raging hardon, but we spoke online anyway. Later on she tells me she kinda figured she didn't have anything better to do, so since I wasn't one of the guys who asked her what she did in her spare time (like the rest of the AOHell drones) she would continue to talk to me.

We spoke online for several hours that day, I was complimented (which hasn't been the first time, in person or otherwise) for being alot more mature for my age. I like that compliment. Turns out, she's a married mother of four kids, and takes care of alot more kids during the work day. She's funny, very deep, interesting, not very political. She's laid back, comfortable with her life, her surroundings. She loves her job, her kids (which are all between 6 and 13), her home. She's got a great spirit, an excellent personality. I love how she's a great listener (because I can ramble on sometimes) and she's not afraid to give her opinion.

Generally, I love talking to her, even though she's in her mid 30's (and she's.. ahem.. hawt ;) ), she loves talking to me too. We spoke on the phone that evening for three hours (till about 1:30AM, then the phone card ran out) and spoke again yesterday for four hours (and my phone went dead).

I'm waiting on my phone call today, should get it soon as I get home. Speaking to someone so interesting passes the time so quickly. It's amazing how you can click with someone, regardless of the age difference.

I look foward to many more days of interesting, relaxing conversation. Oh the joys of life, keep your eyes peeled, because you'll never know what life can bring you.