A rap song by Pauline Pantsdown, made up of sound bites from speeches made by redneck Australian politician Pauline Hanson. She obtained an injunction against its airplay by popular Australian youth radio station Triple J. Mr Pantsdown promptly put out another song which became a single, "I Don't Like It".

Example of lyric:

"I'm very proud that I'm not straight"

"What I've called for is a homosexual government, yeah Join us, be one of us, come out, be one of us, yeah"

"I'm a backdoor man for the Ku Klux Klan with very horrendous plans. I'm a very caring potato, We will never have the chance."

Of course, what made the song all the more hilarious what the disjointed manner and tone in which the phrases were put together and the way it parodied her Nazi policies.

It's unfortunate that no-one parodied Joerg Haider before he got in. It's been said that he is going to become chancellor within three years in Austria, which is shocking. Perhaps Austrians do not have the same sense of humour, or predilection for mocking authority figures, as Australians do.