In essence, the Stealth Dodge's Mitsubishi 3000GT. The two cars are almost exactly alike, thanks to the co-design efforts between the two companies in creating this impressive sports car. The only major differences are in body styling -- the Stealth borrows slightly from the Dodge Viper's low-slung, predatory, snake-like design, complete with the famous Dodge "cross" grille.

Released in 1991 alongside the 3000GT, the Dodge Stealth was an excellent right-hand to the newly released Dodge Viper. Four models were available for driving enjoyment, all utilizing mostly the same 6G72, 3.0-liter V6 engine. The base model ("just a Stealth") was a single overhead cam layout rated at 164 hp, with a front wheel drive drivetrain. The ES and the R/T had the same output of 222 hp due to a DOHC layout; the major advantage of the R/T ("Road/Track") over the ES was the inclusion of the advanced "Active Aero" aerodynamics system (both were front wheel drive). However, the ultimate Stealth existed in the form of the R/T Turbo (exactly equal to the 3000GT's VR-4). This bad boy sported twin turbochargers, allowing for a scorching 300 hp and 307 ft.lbs. (417 Nm) of torque -- improvements in the exhaust systems gave the Stealth an additional 20 horses, and 8 more ft.lbs. Additionally, R/T Turbo sported the Active Aero system, a four wheel drive setup, and four wheel steering.

Sluggish sales, mostly due to a high price tag, forced the amazing Stealth into retirement in 1996. Used, an R/T Turbo can still go for as much as $15000 USD -- so if you want to drop some cash on a seriously fast car, the Stealth is more than likely the best deal you'll find.