Jaring is a malay word literally meaning net.

Jaring is also the name of the first ISP in Malaysia and can be found at http://www.jaring.my/. They are owned by Mimos (Malaysian Institute of Microelectronics Systems) that can be found at http://www.mimos.my/

Despite the competition from other Malaysian ISPs managed by Telephone Companies (Telco), many if not most Malaysian netters would agree that Jaring remains the premier ISP in Malaysia since they started service in 1991.

Jaring provides full ISP service including news server with local newsgroups in jaring hierarchy.

The newsgroups under jaring hierarchy are for users of the Malaysian ISP, Jaring. However, since jaring hieararchy was the first Malaysian specific newsgroups, the other Malaysian ISPs also carry it.

Current general Jaring newsgroups are:

  1. jaring.announce - Low volume group only for announcements. (moderated)
  2. jaring.cl - Cooperative learning.
  3. jaring.ecology - Discussions on all aspects of Malaysian or global ecology.
  4. jaring.general - General topics not covered by other jaring.* newsgroups.
  5. jaring.invest - Investments in stocks, futures, real estates etc.
  6. jaring.marketplace - Wanted, offered, needed, jobs and commercial ads.
  7. jaring.medibase - Medical topics by MD or not.
  8. jaring.members - Jaring membership matters, dialup problems etc.
  9. jaring.outdoors.fishing - Discussion on all aspects of sport fishing.
  10. jaring.pcbase - Personal computing especially in Malaysian context.
  11. jaring.sci - Scientific, engineering, technical matters.
  12. jaring.talk - General chit-chat, rumour, gossip.
  13. jaring.test - Test your newsreaders here, also for sophonts.
  14. jaring.transport - Transportation sea, land and air.
  15. jaring.www - Discussion about web sites, browsers and authoring.

after http://www.usenet.net.my