The Mersey Sound

A ground-breaking poetry anthology featuring Adrian Henri, Roger McGough and Brian Patten was published in 1967. The variety and simplicity of the works in this anthology was widely appreciated and the book was acclaimed for making poetry "more accessible".

The book became an immediate sensation, moving poetry from the bookshelves to the streets. Hundreds of thousands of copies were sold (the total printrun exceeded quarter of a million copies) and the anthology has since been included in school curricula.

One of my all time favourite collections of poetry, I am still questing for a copy to own (having to borrow it from a friend or a library every time I want to read it is alright once or twice - but I like to read this on on average once a month!) and my local bookshop have promised to do their best for me.

Minutes after posting this I discovered that Adrian Henri died on Wednesday, December 20, 2000. Following is a link to the site where I learned of his death (and one of his poems from that site). I know that Adrian carries fond wishes from all his fans with him wherever he travels now.

from "The Mersey Sound" (Revised Edition 1983)

Take me back to Gotham City, Batman
Take me where the girls are pretty, Batman
All those damsels in distress,
Half-undressed or even less.
The BatPill makes 'em all say "Yes"
Batman !

Thank you Henri.