With apologies to Harper's Index:

Alabama's rank among the 50 states in population size: 23rd

In level of overall pollution: 10th

In per capita personal income: 45th

Percent of population living below the federal poverty line: 14.7

Annual income level at which a family with two children must pay state income tax: $4,600

Percent of children living at or below 200% of the poverty line: 49.3

Percent of counties with unemployment rates higher than national average: 82

Ratio of 1999 bankruptcy filings to total population: 1:143

Average age of science books in Alabama libraries, in years: 19

Average number of print magazine subscriptions per school library: 11

Increase in discharge of air pollutants in one year (1997-1998): 50%

Rank among the 50 states in volume of toxic metals discharged into waterways: 1

Rank in number of extinct species: 2

Number of species that have become extinct in Alabama in the last few years: 96

Change in funding of state environmental protection agency from 1990 to 1999: -40%

As the immortal Lynrd Skynrd once sang:
Sweet home Alabama,
Where the skies loom so gray,
Sweet home Alabama,
Another Ozone Warning Day.

... or something like that.

Sources: Census Bureau; Alabama Virtual Library; Anniston Star; Alabama Commerce Commission; American Bankruptcy Institute; Arise Citizens Policy Project.