There is an equivalent movement in the United States among Muslims. is the URL for the group, who also push the translation of the Qur'an by Dr. Rashad Khalifa who put forth a theory of a mathematical proof of the Qur'an based upon the number 19, which is mentioned in the Qur'an as a trial to the disbelievers in Sura 74:31.

The proof they offer seems to me to be quite a stretch, offered by people who have little understanding of statistical analysis. As for the "Qur'an only" theory, that is pretty much nonsense on the face of it, as the Qur'an does not explicitly tell us how to pray, for example. This is established through the sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh). The Qur'an refers to other sources of information. It says to obey Allah and His Messenger. It refers to Muhammad as a fine example. It instructs us to ask people with knowledge and to examine nature. Finally, the ultimate proof of the necessity of sources outside of the Qur'an is the fact that the Qur'an is in Arabic. I don't know Arabic. If I don't consult sources outside the Qur'an to understand it, I just see squiggly lines on paper. Even Arabs don't know Arabic until they are taught it, and that teaching is a source outside of the Qur'an. So really, they are saying, only consult things outside the Qur'an which are necessary to interpret it, which isn't a heresy at all. Their peculiar selective use of those sources, however, is.