Calls himself the Talkmaster. He used to be an attorney. He is proud of his insensitivity. Actually a pretty decent guy, he does charity work, and talks tougher than he really is, IMHO. His show is sometimes funny, and sometimes infuriating. He tends to elicit strong responses from people, be they good or bad. He is one of the less dogmatic of the current crop of radio talk show hosts. Tends to go for very logical answers to questions, and generally elucidates his thought process which led him to a particular conclusion. He is a proud libertarian.

Other stations have tried to put people up against him over the years, but no one can beat him in the Atlanta market. Dr. Laura is poised to be the latest victim, joining people such as Sean Hannity and The Kimmer. He gets a lot of participation from his call screener, Belinda Skelton, and his sound engineer, Royal Marshall.

addendum October 6, 2002:

Neal has revealed himself to not be a libertarian in any sense other than being a member of the party. He supports pretty much every aspect of the War on Terrorism, including bombing civilians. He even went so far to say that he would sacrifice all 21 million residents of Afghanistan to "preserve our way of life." That doesn't speak much for his adherence to the whole "non-initiation of force" thing.