Built into Apple's latest OS, 10.2 code named Jaguar, iChat is billed as making instant messaging even easier. This latest iApp is automatically compatible with AOL's Instant Messenger and allows .Mac users to join any AOL chat room simply by typing in its name.

In additon, Apple's new Rendezvous technology (also built into 10.2) allows you to see users on your local network without knowing their screen names. A log keeps track of your messages for increased productivity and iChat even integrates with the built in Mail program in 10.2 to make keeping track of addresses in different places a thing of the past.

iChat makes it simple to send any type of file, photo or Quicktime movie to who anyone you are chatting with. It will even display it right in the chat window so there is no need to launch another window from a different application.

Extras include an advanced graphic interface, and new icons and thought bubbles. Utilizing Apple's signature drop and drag technology you can even share your own photo with friends that will appear in their chat window whenever you message them.