My body refuses to work on a "normal" schedule. I'm nocturnal to the bone, I get no sleep because I simply do not get tired when it gets dark, even though I am only getting a couple of hours of sleep a night. It pisses me off.

There I am, sitting at work and suddenly my eyes feel so heavy I'm certain I won't be able to keep them open much longer. I grab my purse, run to the vending machine, drop some coins in and buy the most caffeinated drink available and all is good. I make it through the day fine. Okay. So then it's midnight and I'm laying in bed boggling at my alertness. I am not sleepy. 1am. The same. 2am. No difference. What is wrong with me? I have to go through some huge dramatic scene just to get to bed, things that are somewhat similar in silliness as last night's node - the best way to sleep alone. Yeah, wonderful. Read a book? Yeah right, any book I read that can possibly keep me interested normally invokes thoughts that keep my mind turning for hours!

*sigh* I used to say I had insomnia because it was something cool to say. Now that I honestly think I might, I just want it to go away.

Um. Today was an average day. I was planning to go straight home and take a nap but unfortunately I could not fall asleep (see above) and so the appointments I broke were for no reason. So I feel like I basically wasted my day other than work. Looking forward to starting classes again, I'd really like my life to be more busy. And what's with this insane desire to play pool?