Zeke is a rock band from the Seattle area, formed in 1993. They play short fast tight explosive songs that make the Ramones sound like the Beach Boys. They have a refreshing original approach to Kick Ass Rock-n-Roll. Most of their songs are about drugs, sex, drugs, getting drunk, drugs, fast cars,drugs and so on. They sometimes sound like a cross between AC/DC and the Dead Kennedys. The band broke up in late 2002. The following year they were asked to play a reunion show after the release of Live and Uncensored. They've been together since but without Donny Paycheck.

Band Members:
Blind Marky Felchtone - vocals and guitar
Abe Zanuel Riggs III - guitar
Mark Pierce - bass
Donny Paycheck - drums

Dizzy Lee Roth - bass on first release

1996 Super Sound Racing
1996 Flat Tracker
1998 Kicked in the Teeth
1999 True Crime
2000 Pinstriping Dutchman's Coffin
2000 Dirty Sanchez
2001 Death Alley
2003 Live and Uncensored
2004 'Til The Livin' End

In 2003 Zeke released Zeke You, The DVD which is a rockumentary of the band on the road, backstage & in concert, and other amusing antics.

Zeke also has a few EPs and they do a few covers which include Kiss's Shout It Out Loud, Stevie Nicks' Rhiannon and their own song called Liar which sounds a lot like the Sex Pistols Liar. If you like it hard and fast this is a band to check out.

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