WBCQ - The Planet is a shortwave radio station that has been on the air for about four years. They transmit 50,000 watts of power out of Monticello, Maine over three frequencies: 7415 kHz, 9335 kHz and 17495 kHz. Their signal can be received throughout North America, the Caribbean, most of South America and parts of Europe. WBCQ is a strong advocate of free speech, much like E2, but does maintain a Hate Speech Policy when necessary. They have a wide variety of programming which includes religion, politics, music and other forms of entertainment and information.

Just a few of the regular programs that can be heard include the following. Old segments of Amos 'n Andy are on every day at midnight. Financial Survival 2000 gives information about the economy that isn't always reported by the mainline media, MTW at 11:00 EST. On Friday night The Right Perspective explores right wing politics with many dashes of irreverance and humor. If you can still smile after two hours of Rush Limbaugh these guys will have you laughing out loud. Radio Timtron Worldwide is one hour of music and comment put together every week by Timtron himself and can be heard at 6 P.M. (2200 UTC) every Saturday. Timtron was one of the founding members who helped put WBCQ together. A complete program schedule can be found at:

You will need a shortwave radio of course and these have been coming down in price. You can find used shortwave receivers on E-Bay and other amateur radio web sites. WBCQ can also be accessed over the net. Shortwave listening has fallen off over the years due in most part to the internet. It is still a fun hobby for thousands of people. WBCQ is a great alternative with its uncensored free speech format and a real shot in the arm for radio in general.