The Bloodrise Morning Star is a unique item in Diablo II (See Diablo II Items Encyclopedia). The stats given here are from Diablo II: Lord of Destruction patch 1.09... the stats for this item have changed during various patches.

Item type: Morning Star (Mace Class)
Attack Speed: Fast1
One hand damage: 17 To 37
Durability: 72
Required Strength: 36
Required Level: 15
10% Increased Attack Speed
+120% Enhanced Damage
50% Bonus to Attack Rating
5% Life Stolen Per Hit
25% Chance of Open Wounds
+2 to Light Radius
150% Damage to Undead
+3 to Sacrifice (Paladin Only)


  1. This is the speed for all character classes other than Sorceress. For Sorceress, the speed is Normal.