Doctor Science is a character from Ducks Breath Mystery Theatre. He appears frequently on shows/school video presentations/radio as part of National Science Foundation programs or PBS specials. The gag is the ability of Dan Coffey and his sidekick Merle Kessler to give the most entertainingly wrong answers to basic science questions.

(this part originally posted by SteveSgt)
His real name is Dan Coffey. He is a professor of broadcasting at the University of Iowa. He honed his early comedic skills as a member of the Ducks Breath Mystery Theater, which started out in the Universe of Iowa City, but later moved to San Francisco, California.

An example would be the question about how do boneless chickens procreate (I believe this was submitted by Guido Incognito). Dr Science proceeds to explaint that even regular chickens don't know love the way humans do, and spends several minutes bemoaning the complexities of love and then explains that to understand how boneless chickens procreate science would have to study them, and who would want to do that? He does mention that they flop around in the dirt.