Things seem so quiet and still after hours.

A mild hum from the downtown expressway and the interstate 95 interchange. Two blocks east, two blocks south.

Even the trains seem softer. As if they know not to disturb the moment. Employees at csx and amtrak must have received the memo. I can hardly hear the brakes screeching. Metal to metal. The stress from the enormous weight, pushing forward on the rails. Two blocks east.

Low light. Its darker than usual for 2:11 am. The street lights are muted. They are dull with an odd yellow hue.

The phone rings to break the calm. An unconscious struggle and awkward moments take place before things settle.

I just noticed the strange paths which form when gravity moves water down a paved alley. All that effort only to stop at the lowest point. Doomed streams at off angles. Dead end destination.