Wow, no one has used the node title 'chicken soup' in which to node their chicken soup recipe? I am honoured indeed. I am also happy that none of those fake chicken soup recipes get to go here and I get to pass on my mother's recipe which I have slightly modified. I believe most people would classify it as a Jewish recipe. This chicken soup recipe produces a clear tasty broth or consumé (consommé) that is great for curing ills especially colds and flu. Also, don't fuss over finely cutting vegetables to get a mirepoix or anything like that. Large chunks from which you can extract the flavour and later sieve them out is fine. You can also experiment with changing the amount of vegies you add as well till you get the combination that suits you and the type and quality of ingredients that you have. For me making chicken soup is a ritual.

Chicken Soup

1 large boiling chicken - I can't usually find a boiling chicken locally though I wish I could as they give a much better taste. If you can't, I recommend using an organically grown chicken and not one of those batch hens with little to no flavour.
1 large Onion - cut it in two and you can leave the husking layers on if you like.
2 large Carrots - cut into 1-1 1/2 inch sections and halve if you really feel like it.
1 medium Celariac (celery root) - hard to find but when in season (usually the start of winter here) it adds a nice strong
celery flavour. If you can't get it don't worry maybe add more celery to your liking.
1/2 Celery - break in sections, wash and leave out the old mangey looking leaves at the top.
A good handful of parsley - whack a good bunch of parsley in, yum!
whole peppercorns - I add quite a few as i like the taste. Maybe add 6-12.
water - goes without saying really but enough water to cover the chicken and the vegetables you intend to cook
Optionals - consider maybe adding leek, shallots, parsnip, turnip and cloves and bay leaves. Any white vegetables are fine to add. Don't get carried away. You are after a strong chicken taste augmented by the clean flavours of the vegetables.


Put the chicken in the pot with the vegetables and spices. Cover with water. Sometimes you might need a heavy lid or a weighted lid turned upside down to push the chicken down into the water. Bring to boil quickly (I've found this to produce the best results). Once it starts boiling skim off coagulated proteins and scum off the top. Bring it off the boil until the water is just rolling gently(simmer).

Simmer for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Yes that's right. You want all the goodness in the water. Check periodically to skim off fat that has now risen to the surface and pooled between the floating vegetables.

Remove the chicken. Sieve the vegetables away from the liquid. You should now have a slightly brownish clear liquid. Season the liquid with salt. Don't overdo it with the salt. I have to say though that you do need quite a bit of salt to bring out the full flavour.

Serving Suggestion

Put some hand shredded meat from the chicken back in the soup.
Add some vermicilli noodles
This sounds weird but severely brown to almost burn some thin slices of onion and add it into the soup. The slightly bitter flavour of the onions tastes great. Try it!
Quickly whisk an egg into the mix to give yourself a good energy boost or if you need a real pick me up
That's it.. ENJOY!