Episode 4 of Cowboy Bebop. Action in this episode opens up with Faye adrift in space, her craft out of fuel. In a typical string of coincidences, Faye first bumps into another derelict craft whose dying pilot entrusts her with a vital package, and then into the Bebop, aboard which Spike and Jet are transporting their recently captured bounty (yes, they actually did manage to capture someone alive for once!)

Of course, Faye's package and the captured bounty are related. The prisoner is an eco-terrorist, intent on saving the endangered "Sea Rat" of Ganymede. The environmental fanatics' plan consists of a genetically tailored virus which will devolve the entire human population of Ganymede into apes if their demands aren't meant. Unfortunately for Spike, Jet and Faye, monkeys can't pay bounties.

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