We had a math club at our school, which no one ever went to because it technically didnt exist except for the sake of putting that we were the president of our school's math club on college applications. It was run by my eccentric high school calculus teacher, Mr. Kulbacki, who made me love math so much that Im majoring in it at UC Berkeley. He was that great. I still have the "membership card" in my wallet, which is essentially just a calculus cheer. I really want people to think I'm in a math club and that I'm cool for it. It reads:

Up All Night Math Club:

"Math can be fun," we had such a good time, Sick cats were singing, bad beer was behind. Deep thoughts abounded, and the motion and change, The calculus handled it (though Kulbacki's deranged). All students take calculus, my TI is trusty, My calculus T-shirt I'll never get musty. Derivatives, integrals, as easy as pi I'll stay up all night doing math till I die.

Those were some good times.