AIDS/HIV is overrunning Africa. There are many things contributing to the problem. One of them is that, in Africa, having AIDS is simply unacceptable, and ignored. Unfortunately, this if-we-pretend-it’s-not-there-it-will-go away technique has never worked, and it is not working now. Being diagnosed with AIDS or HIV automatically labels you as an immoral person in Africa. Many Africans believe that AIDS can be communicated through casual contact, which is simply not true. People who reveal that they have AIDS or HIV are outcasts from society, living by themselves, staying at home, and waiting, hoping, to die. On top of this, doctors are not at liberty to write down AIDS as the cause of death on death certificates; social and political pressure keeps them from doing so. You have read the shockingly high numbers in statistics, but these stats are too low; people will not get tested for HIV because there is no cure, so there is no way to be absolutely sure of how many people have HIV. Until Africans stop putting dignity in front of saving lives, there will be no stop to this.