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They call it vision when it comes true, and bullshit when it never happens. (I have a different one, but I forgot it... it goes something like that... I think...)
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I am supposed to start something here. but what you have no idea. I know, you don't. I've got some world changing ideas about the music industry and the emminent revolution that is going to sweep across the world in two or three years... wait, it. will come... you will see..

One year later... I told you.... mp3 is known everywhere. Music is now the most well known form of intellectual property (IP) that is sweeping the world with concepts of ownership and legal liability.

In what context do we go into the future. Will people be faced with a decision. Produce IP or not to produce IP. The courts will decide.

The way I look at it, there are two sides to the mp3 issue. For or against. I am FOR a revolution. FOR change in the way people are enchoraged to produce quality intellecual property.