In 1972 Robert Crumb came up with a sequel of sorts to Keep On Truckin', titled Remember Keep On Truckin'?. It was a one-page strip composed of 27 panels of continuously decreasing size, originally published in XYZ Comics. Crumb's bitterness about the co-optation of the original Keep On Truckin' on the one hand and the rampant copyright infringement on the other, is obvious in both style and content. To make his satiric point, he went as far as placing a "(c) 1972 by R. Crumb" signature in each panel of the strip, up to four in some of them.

It goes a little something like this:

  1. Remember Keep On Truckin'?
  2. That was a big hit... Well, now, how 'bout Keep On Rollin' Along?!
  3. Keep on Chunkin'?
  4. Keep on Toodlin'?
  5. Keep on Choodlin'?
  6. Keep on Boofin'?
  7. Keep on Doofin'?
  8. Keep on Boppin'?
  9. Keep on Hoppin'?
  10. Keep on Keepin' on?
  11. Keep on Onnin'?
  12. Keep on No-noin'?
  13. Keep on Peekin'?
  14. Keep it Clean?
  15. Keep Right On!!
  16. Keep on The Scene?
  17. Keep it Up?
  18. Keep on Moonin'?
  19. Weep on Keepin'?
  20. Keep on Fuckin'?
  21. Keep on Groovin'?
  22. Keep on Movin'?
  23. Keep it Krazy Kool?
  24. Keep it Reet?
  25. Keep on Zeetin?
  26. Keep (c) by R. Crumb
  27. And don't forget to keep on buyin' those "Keep on Shuckin'" posters, patches, t-shirts, cigarette papers, baseball caps, bath mats, beach towels, bumper stickers, drinking glasses, buttons, matchbooks, balloons, notebooks, sneakers, toilet seatcovers, wallpaper, and so on ad nauseum...