You know, this actually wouldn't be so tough. Presuming the e2 gods would be willing to publish their database schema (which, I'd guess, is probably documented in the Everything Core download?) and set up a user with SELECT/INSERT/UPDATE access (which, I admit, would be sketchy), some-or-all of these great things could be implemented in Perl/tk without any platform trauma.

I'd volunteer to build the thing, if access and support was supplied me by the powers that be. Or maybe I ought to download from, set up an everything of my own, build the interface on my own desktop first... Hmmm.. This could be a real fun project. Watch this space for news...

Man alive... The everything administration interface is one complicated sumbitch! The Slashcode is trivially simple to admin compared to this.

I'd expcted to download and install it and I'd have an e2-like world on my desktop to fool with, but it ain't so! What we use here is a deeply customized setup. Whoo.

Now, mind, I've only been playing with it for an hour or so. I'm expecting a sort of trancendant, ephiphanic moment as I suddenly "get it"... But it hasn't happened yet.

SO... Now that I've played around a little more, and my epiphany hasn't occurred, I'm exploring alternative approaches.

How bad would it suck if this thing communicated with e2 over HTTP? It could pretend to be a web browser, make requests carrying the right goods, and parse apart the resulting HTML to get the data it's wanting to display to you.

That would be real sensitive to changes in how the HTML is layed out, but might take less customization for each Everything installation. Anybody have any thoughts about that?